MyWegmansConnect Login | Wegmans Connect Portal

Mywegmansconnect is an online portal for the employees of Wegmans. Through this portal, the employees can quickly gain access to the authority and get all information about the company. Wegmans was founded in 1916. Since then, they are providing their customers and employees with the best opportunities and services. It is a well-known supermarket chain in America. About 50,000 people are working under Wegmans, and about 90 stores are running in different states of America.

Access Mywegmansconnect Employee login

To gain access to Mywegmansconnect portal things you need are;

  • A laptop or a mobile phone
  • Strong internet connection

Just visit and log in to your account.

mywegmansconnect employee login Step by step:

 To login to Mywegmansconnect account, you need to follow the following instructions.

  1. First, in a web browser, go to the website, which is the old Wegmans Login page.
  2. This website will automatically lead you to the new website page, which is under the control of Microsoft Office.
  3. This new Microsoft site is made for the benefits of Wegmans employees.
  4. Enter your username I.D. in the given space.
  5. Username ID must be written followed by For example; your username ID is 1678. You should type [email protected].
  6. You need not enter your password on this page.
  7. Move on to the next page by clicking the “Next” button.
  8. On this page, type your password on the given space.
  9. You will be logged in to your new Mywegmansconnect portal.
  10. To log in through mobile visit the given link;

Video Guide to Access My Wegmans Connect.

How to register yourself to the Mywegmansconnect portal- Wegmans sharepoint?

  If you want to register yourself to the Mywegmansconnect portal and you are a new employee, you cannot make it by yourself. The company will first issue you your email and password, and then you can register yourself by going through the following steps.

  •  Firstly visit the link and click on “can’t access account.”
Mywegmansconnect login
  • You will be asked what type of account you want.

1. School or work account

2. Personal account

wegmans employee login
  • If you are a Wegmans new employee, then you must select “school /work account.”
  • Then enter your username, and now your account has created, and you can get all kinds of information from this portal and can avail the benefits of this new portal.
  • All you need is just to provide the website with some of your data to update your account.
mywegmansconnect employee login

Fix login problems- Easy Way.

wegmans connect login

If you face any problem in MyWegmansconnect login you must check out the following things

  • Check your internet connection; it must have the strength of the right single.
  • You must log in to the correct website of the Mywegmansconnect portal.
  • Make sure to type your username or I.D. carefully without any spelling mistakes.
  • If you are using the method of copy and paste in typing the username or password, then check out that you have not put any extra space.
  • Still, if it’s not working, use another gadget or Mobile phone.
  • Or you can try from another browser (Chrome, Mozilla, or internet explorer).
  • Try to log in again after clearing data of cache or browser cookies.

What is MyWegmans username (I.D) ?

It can be your name or email address followed by

It can also be any number. The necessary thing is to write after your username I.D.

For example; your ID is 1239 you must write [email protected]

How to Reset Mywegmansconnect account password?

Follow the below mentioned easy steps to recover your account.

  1. Turn on your laptop or any smartphone.
  2. Go to the official website of Wegmans to connect through the Chrome browser or any other.
  3. Click on the “can’t access account.”
  4. In the suggested options, click on the work or school account as you are an employee of Wegmans.
  5. Write your correct username or password.
  6. Complete the captcha and follow the instructions.
  7. You will receive the Login information through email.

Why Mywegmansconnect account?

Greater engagement:

Through this account, not only the employees have access to the company, but the company can also check and balance the working routines of the employees. If someone is not doing good, the company can take appropriate actions against his or her.

On the other hand, the employees can quickly get the regular updates of their company.

24 hours access:

Through this portal, employees have 24 hours of easy access to their company and can get to know about their duty shifts. There is the most beneficial access, and this is the access to your senior members. New employees can quickly get guidelines from superior staff members 24/7.

Pay statements are made easy:

Data of all employees have already collected in mywegmansconnect account, so the employees don’t need to deal with pay stubs. An employee can easily access it’s payment details and can work with the company with proper strategy.

Sharing data:

To share data easily with the employees and by the employees is a positive point for the company. Mywegmansconnect portal is a platform made by the company to make a good connection with its employees and a better relationship between employees to do their best.

About Mywegmansconnect portal

This portal is created specifically for the employees of Wegmans. The employees of the company can make secure communication with the authority of the company through this portal. They need to join it to update themselves with all the insights of the company.

They can quickly get their payment details and all information about their duties and activities on this portal. In this way, through this portal, the employees can access all the functions and features and can get benefits designed by the company for its employees.

Note:  The employees of Wegmans should know that the website for Wegmans employees has changed, and the new one has shifted to Microsoft office 365. The employees will get more benefits and bonuses and deals by joining the new website of Mywegmansconnect as it has many new features and functions.

Benefits of My wegmans connect Portal?

It’s a fact that everyone wants to get more benefits for his /her life. The purpose of this new Microsoft portal is to offer good health and a better lifestyle to its employees.

These are the following advantages that Mywegmansconnect account is providing to its employees.

  • Paid leaves:

This account screens the need for H.R. Employees can easily access authority and can get information about their duties; they can also apply for online leaves through this portal.

  • Dental and vision coverage plans:

 The employees of the Wegmans connect can avail dental and medical coverage and can easily find guidance from different doctors.

  • Retirement and saving plans(401k)

Every month a specific amount of salary is cut from employees’ earnings. These are saving for retirement. This cash is saved in the account of Wegmans, and it is returned at the time of departure to the employees.

  • Medical expenses reimbursement:

Wegmans bears 85 percent of the employee’s medical expenses. In the present age, every family is facing the problem of medical. Almost every family has a member whose treatment needs continuous visits to the hospital. The medical reimbursement plan for Wegmans employees reduces the financial pressure on its employees.

  • Various training programs.

The company also offers various training programs for its employees.

  • Lifetime insurance

You can easily avail of different life insurance plans and policies.

  • Scholarships

Mywegmansconnect portal also offers scholarships for its employees.

  • Timely bonus plans

There are also some fantastic benefits from the company which is provided once. It includes free tickets.

  • Tickets for amusement parks
  • Cinema halls
  • Concerts

Mywegmansconnect schedule:

How can I come to know about my weekly or monthly schedule and performance online?

If you want to be in touch with this portal and to know your routine schedule, you must visit the site mentioned below

You can also call your manager to get new updates.

How do I view Mywegmansconnect Wage statements and pay slips?

If you want to see your present and past pay slips record, it’s so simple.

What you need is just to visit Mywegmansconnect portal and go to wage statements and pay slips section. And you will find your record.

Customer service:

Wegmans is a supermarket chain in the USA with more than 100 stores, WemansConnect was started by the brothers Walter and John Wegman. John Wegman opened the Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company in 1916.

Since then, the company has a good record in dealing with its employees.

The company will surely help you in case of an emergency, but please try to understand that the company helpline is mostly busy, so you must call the customer help instead of filling the contact us form.

And if there is an urgent issue in which you want any help then call on 1-800-WEGMANS from Monday to Friday, timing: 5 A.M to 2 P.M

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How do I log into Mywegmansconnect?

Ans: To login to the portal follow the steps.

  • Open Mywegansconnect website www.
  • Enter your USER ID and Password.
  • You will get logged in.

Q2: How do I make a Mywegmansconnect account?

Ans: Register a Mywegmansconnect account using the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Can’t connect.
  3. Now Click on Work or School.
  4. Now enter your Email and make a mywegmansconnect account.

Q3: Do Wegmans employees get a discount?

Ans: Yes, Wegmans Employees get amazing discounts in followings.

  • Tickets for amusement
  • Parks
  • Cinema halls
  • Concerts

Q4: Is Wegmans a good employer?

No doubt, Wegmans is an excellent place to work. You can read thousands of reviews online. You get several benefits as an employee. Make your Mywegmansconnect today.

Contact us:

The employees of Wegmans connect can contact by calling to the headquarter of the company.

The number is provided below;



The main reason behind the creation of this Mywegmansconnect portal is to make contact between the employees and the company and between the employees as well, to work more efficiently and effectively. The employees can get easy access to the timetable for their shifts and can get help from the senior members of the company and lots of benefits from the company. Mywegmansconnect employees must register themselves to this portal.